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James Lee Stanley – Live at the Z

presented by Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music

November 18, 2017

Saturday at 7:30pm

It is only a long lived singer-songwriter career that lets James Lee Stanley unite the unpredictable creative turns and the eclectic elements that make up his world. His remarkable ability as a vocalist and composer allow him to create songs, each recorded with a finely crafted with guitar orchestrations that enhance the lyric. But a whole new dimension is added when James Lee performs live. These incredible songs, coupled with his outrageously hilarious repartee, make for an evening of hilarity and tenderness and one of the most entertaining concerts on the circuit.

Presented by Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music

Sponsored by TowneBank


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The Odyssey (Abbreviated): Or, Homer Writes a Poem

Presented by Children's Theatre of Hampton Roads

November 18, 2017

Saturday at 11am

The clock is ticking. The deadline is looming. And Homer, a student of poetry, is running out of time. After weeks and weeks and weeks of dragging his feet, Homer’s writing assignment is due. The subject? Greek mythology. The task? Compose the longest, most exciting, most fantastical, most adventurous poem ever written: The Odyssey!

Set sail with Odysseus on his journey after the Trojan Wars. Along the way he’ll encounter the Gods of Mount Olympus, outsmart Polyphemus the Cyclops, skirt the island of the Sirens, battle mythical monsters and, with any luck, make it home before dinner.
This November, let CTHR take your family on the most epic of journeys: The Odyssey!

Presented By Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads

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